Other Applications

The HiLoad technology can be used in many areas, and it doesn't even have to be underwater.

Remora has developed an application, HiLoad Moored Version Drilling (MVD), for use with drillship. This has a moonpool and a quck disconnectable mooring system. An exclusive license hase been given to Stena Drilling for this application used on Drilling Units.

For use of HiLoad technology with LNG reference is made to HiLoad LNG

Some of the other areas Remora have discussed to might utilise the technology is for areas like:

  • HiLoad Accomodation and / or Crane unit
  • HiLoad Terminal (off)loading
  • HiLoad DP Subsea mining offloading
  • HiLoad Windmill Installations and maintenance
  • HiLoad DP Heavy Load / Equipment ship to ship transfer
  • HiLoad Subsea lifting
  • HiLoad Pull & Push services
  • HiLoad Buoyancy for e.g. salvage of shipwreck

Further, in order to define your needs, Remora can facilitate with e.g.;

  • FEED studies
  • Technology Qualification studies
  • Basic Design