The HiLoad Moored Version (HiLoad MV) can be compared with a CALM buoy that is sitting under the ship, permanently connected to the hull bottom by buoyancy and use of the hydrostatic pressure. The bearing and swiveling system can be compared to what is common on a turntable type of CALM buoy.

The HiLoad MV is a moored semi-submerged turret solution that can connect to any tanker with a flat bottom, without any structural modification to the hull of the tanker. The weight of the mooring lines and risers are carried by buoyancy in the HiLoad MV unit, limiting the loads to be transferred through the bearing system and to the FPSO/FSO hull.

The HiLoad MV solution comprises the following main components:

  • HiLoad MV Hull Upper and Lower Part

  • Bearing System

  • Swivel

  • Ballast System

  • Attachment System

  • Marine Systems

  • Mooring Chain Terminations